Since opening our doors in 2017, Pier 120 has not only established itself as a renowned restaurant and venue, but also as a go-to catering service for over 1000 events. Our commitment to delivering exceptional dining experiences has kept us busy and driven us to constantly innovate.

As the founder of Pier 120, I personally understand the struggle of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while battling constant cravings and portion control. With a firm belief in nourishing both my mental and physical well-being, I have dedicated myself to fueling my body right. However, my busy schedule often leaves me with limited time to organize and cook meals every day.

In my quest for a solution, I experimented with various meal prep options, but I found that they either lacked taste or failed to capture the authentic flavours I craved. It was then that I realized I could leverage my existing business to create something truly exceptional. Thus, the idea of providing authentic portion-controlled Caribbean meals came to life—a perfect balance for those seeking to maintain or lose weight while still savouring the quality and variety of meals they desire.

At Pier 120, we are proud to offer a culinary experience that caters to your health goals without compromising on taste and authenticity. Our carefully crafted Caribbean meals are designed to satisfy your cravings while ensuring portion control and nutritional balance. Whether you're seeking a flavourful meal that supports your weight management journey or simply a delightful dining experience, Pier 120 is here to provide you with the nourishment and satisfaction you deserve.